Thursday, June 12, 2008

Film Review: The Incredible Hulk

There was precious little new Hulk product on the racks yesterday. Just a one-shot that looks like it's about the Hulk trying to eat some lady named Thundra's breasts, the latest issue of the all-ages Hulk book, and something called Skaar: Son of Hulk*.

Such a dearth of new Hulk books can only mean one thing: The Incredible Hulk** must be opening in theaters nationwide this Friday!

To read my review of the new flick, head on over to Done Waiting. And please consider seeing the movie at the theater this weekend. I'm hoping it makes several billion dollars...or at least enough to encourage a sequel. I really, really, reeeaaaallllly want to see a live-action version of the villain they set-up for a possible future installment.

*How is that pronounced, anyway? I'm assuming it's not just "scar" since there are two a's. Is it "scare?" "Skah-ah-r?" "SkAAA!r?"

*Oh hey, Marvel changed the name of their ongoing comic book entitled The Incredible Hulk to The Incredible Hercules and launched a new Hulk book just called Hulk. Way to not take advantage of all those people saying the words "The Incredible Hulk" this week, Marvel.

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