Thursday, July 09, 2009

These movies actually exist.

(NSFW, and watching these might make you dumber and/or destroy a small piece of your soul)

I'm both relieved and disappointed that searching for "WatchBabes" and "trailer" on youtube didn't have similar results.


Jacob said...

They had me at "Web Squirting" went looking for these videos?

Roodles said...

Ironbabe looks like it might be the greatest thing ever. Also "Commissioner Boredom" is a pretty funny parody name.

Will said...

Dude, Hell yes. Misty Mundae is insane cute. Don't know the quality of these vids, but Lord of the G-Strings is definitely one of her finest.

Anonymous said...

As a parody fan, I actually saw that Spider-Babe on HBO.

A part of me died. But not the manly parts. Heh. Heh.

I'm just going to die in the corner now.

Matt Duarte said...

Haha, the porn actress doing the Bale/Batman voice was hilarious.