Monday, December 14, 2009

It's not often that Mark Trail blows my mind, but...

Okay, so, in general, this is a pretty awesome strip...for a Mark Trail strip. He throws a garbage can through a window, he looks about all sweaty-faced and frantic—lots of action and drama, right?

But check out that last panel. "That looks like an old Jack," he says, while staring down at a bunch of items...including the byline of artist Jack Elrod! Mark seeing the byline on its white disc, propped up against the back wall of the hardware store? Is he about to become aware that he's in a comic strip...?

Oh my God, he has become aware! Check out the third panel of this past Sunday's strip! He addresses the readers directly! Mark Trail's going all Animal Man #26!


Bully said...


Stergios Botzakis said...

Lord have mercy on our souls.

Now he's going to clean up our environment ...with his FISTS!!!