Friday, August 12, 2011

Batman will pretty much put a Bat-symbol on anything

Here's a panel from 2005's Year One: Batman Scarecrow #2 (drawn by Sean Murphy and colored by Lee Loughridge), showing a post-workout Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson, still in their workout clothes.

As you can see, the former has branded his tank top, which no one will ever see him in aside from Dick and Alfred, with a little bat-symbol. Perhaps to designate it as the tank top he wears when doing his Batman workout, rather than one he might wear while simply doing Bruce Wayne workouts...?


Aki Alaraatikka said...

Yep, it definetly means that. I can imagine it.
When his doing Bruce Wayne workout, he has all these rich mans exercise thingees he`s using.
When his Batman workout, he punches punching bags that look like Joker and the rest, climbs up a batrope, and runs in Bat-treadmill, that can shoot rockets, batarangs and whatnot!

SallyP said...

Batman is very very thorough. AKA Obsessive.

collectededitions said...

You should see where Bruce stuck his Bat-symbol tattoo.