Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meanwhile, at ComicsAlliance...

Chances are you've already heard the news that Superman and Wonder Woman were totally going to hook up in Justice League #12, which DC Comics is pushing as a really rather big deal, and managing to get some mainstream press out of their pushing.

You may have wondered, "Say, what does Caleb think about this?"

The answer: "Eh, who cares?"

While I am a man who has strong opinions about Superman and Wonder Woman, I have a really hard time getting myself interested enough to care much about the goings-on of the New 52-iverse versions of the characters, as they still just feel like Ultimate Superman and Ultimate Wonder Woman to me more than the, um, real Superman and Wonder Woman (I know I know I know they're not real shut up shut up).

But it still seemed like a good opportunity/excuse to delve into the two characters' fictional biographies, so at ComicsAlliance I have a pair of related articles: The Many Loves of Superman and The Many Loves of Wonder Woman, detailing the two superheroes' romantic histories.

Even if you don't read the full stories, do take the time to watch the Batman/Steve Trevor/Wonder Woman team-up from Batman: The Brave and The Bold, which manages to work the Golden Age version of Wonder Woman and one of her earliest foes and the 1970s conception of Steve Trevor (complete with Wonder Woman theme song!) into the world of The Brave and the Bold.
I fucking love that show.

My editors also embedded a few clips from the Justice League Unlimited episode where Wonder Woman gets turned into a pig and Batman has to sing to undo the spell, which was one of the highlights of that series.


Anonymous said...

Y'know who I always wished Wondy would've developed a thing for? Larry Trainor. He was a pilot, she has an invisible plane, he has chemically-treated bandages... Okay, fine, the pairing makes no sense, but it seems ill-fated enough to work! Or at least be interesting. Which the blaringly obvious pairing isn't.

Diana & Rebis! Has a ring to it.

The only time I ever cared about Wondy & Supes kissing was during DARK KNIGHT STRIKES BACK...

Kal said...

The only time the Superman/Wonder Woman pairing worked was in 'Kingdom Come'. I only ever imagined her with Steve Trevor though I can't deny that WW humming that tune Batman sung for her freedom was a pretty sweet moment in their relationship.

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