Sunday, February 15, 2009

Because you're all waiting with bated breath for a Salvation Run review...

In Thursday night's post about my, um, shelving, I mentioned that I was in the process of avoiding writing reviews of any of the books in my To Be Reviewed pile at the moment, because I am a lazy, terrible person, and instead chose to simply to take some terrible photos of my bookshelves and ramble on about each of them for hundreds and hundreds of words.

One of those reviews I mentioned not writing was of the trade collection of Salvation Run. I did end up writing it, but I posted it on Blog@ instead of here because the comic I was planning on reviewing over at Blog@ this weekend has such fantastic art that I wanted to run some scans of it with the review, and I have an infinitely easier time posting art here on my home blog than at Blog@. So since I was going to run that review here, I needed to run another review there, which is why I will never review Salvation Run on EDILW as I might have sort of implied on Thursday night.

So: If any readers were, like, on the edge of their seat, waiting for 2,000 words about Salvation Run, you'll have to go on over to Blog@ to read them.

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Dono said...

Fine! I'll have to go all the way over to Blog@...oh wait it's the internet-- I can just click on the link:)

Excellent review I couldn't agree with you more. It seems that DC would much rather release a painfully drawn-out 6 issue mini rather than a tight, to the point one-shot or 3 issue mini.

I'm very much a believer that a writer should tell the story in the space it takes. If you can do it in 1 issue don't try and stretch it into 6. If it takes 12 don't try and condense it into 6.

I guess in the end its all about selling more issues, and making the biggest profit possible even if it make syou look like a hack.