Friday, February 13, 2009

The secret origin of Hal Jordan (and The Guardians):

In Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey's Comic Book Comics #3, they cover the dawning of the Silver Age of superheroes, and devote a panel to the source of Gil Kane's designs for Hal Jordan and the little blue aliens the GL worked for.

Check it out:

I did not know that. Comics really are educational!

To learn more about Julius Schwartz's DC hero revival, the fall of EC and the rise of Mad, Dr. Wertham and 1960s pop art's relationship with comics while enjoying sight gags, Dunlavey's Stan Lee and Jack Kirby caricatures and even a few dick jokes, be sure to check out the latest issue of Comic Book Comics. It's 100% Every Day Is Like Wednesday approve!


SallyP said...

I knew about Hal being based on Paul Newman, but not about the Guardians. But you couldn't go wrong with basing a character on Paul Newman.


Sea-of-Green said...

I also knew about Hal and Paul Newman, but I didn't know about the Guardians. That's a hoot!

Also, Carol Ferris was designed after Elizabeth Taylor -- a la Cat On A Hot Tin Roof. :-)