Thursday, February 05, 2009

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas...

I have a review of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The Universe in this week's issue of Las Vegas Weekly, which you can read online here.

I've had at least one regular reader ask if I could maybe do a weekly round-up of links to my posts at and thought about doing so because, hey, easy EDILW content, but never have because it seems like more work than it's worth.

Now that the current Blog@ team is starting to get settled in, and I've been contributing for about two months now, I've got a more or less regular schedule, which I guess I should mention here at my online home base.

Monday, Wednesday and Fridays my thrice-weekly link-blogging post Linkarama@Newsarama will run. Every Tuesday around 5-ish I post 'Twas The Night Before Wednesday..., which is a run-down of what new releases look good/terrible/interesting that week, accompanied by a terrible cartoon of the sort EDILW readers are familiar with. Saturday and Sunday I'll have reviews; this past weekend I covered 08: A Graphic History of the Campaign Trail and this past Sunday I covered Frankenstein: Prodigal Son Vol. 1. Thursdays and Fridays are days taht I don't have any regular features planned to run on, so those will usually be when I'll do any essays, general punditry, bad jokes, worse comic strips or whatever.

This concludes this vain, self-promotional post.

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