Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eli Kochalka and I have the same favorite Super Friend

I don't normally read the letters pages of the Johnny DC titles I read—although I do always look at the cool pictures that get submitted by young readers—so I missed the fact that the last issue of Super Friends (the one with the fantastic Pirate Starro J. Bone cover) had a letter and a drawing from Eli Kochalka, the son of cartoonist James Kochalka, and one of the stars of his dad's diary strip American Elf.

The last time I went to check out the elder Kochalka's online strip, I noticed an item about the younger's letter and drawing in the back of Super Friends #12.

Here's a scan from my comic:

So Eli Kochalka's favorite is Aquaman, and he loves the Atlantean Ace, huh?

You know what that means?

It means that it is James Kochalka's responsibility as a father to write and draw an Aquaman comic for DC.


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I think that kid has a real future in the biz. That art is better than some of DC's published comics.