Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More artwork from Niece #1, six-year-old artistic super-genius

To give my new scanner a workout, I messed around with some of the art I've been collecting lately, by my eldest niece, whose drawings of whales I shared with you guys a few months back.

Here's a seal.

Here's a dog (Who, by the way, is actually a specific dog—Yogi, my current roommate).

Here's a horse. No, really, it's a horse. Which, for some reason, has a disturbingly human-looking face. It's also a girl horse, Niece #1 pointed out to me, as you can tell by the bows.

Forgive the poor quality of the scan; this one was done on the back of a Bob Evans place mat.

This is a bear.

This is a bear with Uncle Caleb's head.

This one may need some explanation.

That's Uncle Caleb, on his birthday. The thing on his head is a Verizon gift bag, turned upside down to both cover his baldness and act as a party hat. The object in his left hand/line is his new cellphone, which came in the bag. The object in his right hand/line is the drawing itself. That's right, there's a drawing of the drawing inside the drawing! So avant garde.

Speaking of avant garde, I assume that "Caleb" is spelled "Clube" not because my niece is still a poor speller but because she refuses to let the staid rules of conventional spelling restrict the way in which she can express herself.

Speaking of unconventional spelling, "Finile" is supposedly pronounced "Finally," so that reads "Finally Friends."

As for the subject matter, it is a bunch of sea mammals with purses, about to go shopping with one another. From left to right, that's a seal, an orca, a dolphin and a narwhal.


Unknown said...

I misread the last one as "Finite Friends," as in, friends who are only friends for the purposes of shopping.
Yay, Sea life!

Kid Kyoto said...

Really breaking in that new scanner huh? I'm disturbed that your neice did a better job of spelling Verizon than your name.

LurkerWithout said...

Given Caleb's own frequent misspellings shes just carrying on a family tradition I'd say...