Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm not sure which of Rex's feats I find most wonderful

Patiently signing autographs for a bunch of ugly children?

Becoming the honorary chief of a Native American tribe?

Grabbing a stampeding horse by the reigns and leading it away from a potential victim?

Riding a horse?

Riding a dolphin?

Driving a stage coach?

Fighting an octopus...underwater?

Kicking a jungle cat out of a tree...while swinging from a his mouth?


And he did all of that without the benefit of having hands. Can you imagine if Rex had opposable thumbs? He'd be unstoppable!


robert duffy said...

he truly is a "wonder dog"

Anonymous said...

Ah man, you left out the one where he parachutes into Korea carrying an assault rifle.

SallyP said...

That's one heck of a dog. All mine does is poop on the oriental rug.

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying about that.

If Rex the Wonder Dog had thumbs, he'd be Batman.

Caleb said...


If Rex were to ever relieve himself on your carpet, you could be sure that he would take it to the cleaners and have it cleaned for you.

Or kill a bear, skin it, treat it's hide, and make a new rug for you.

Or, if you're opposed to bearskin rugs, perhaps he would sew you a new one.

Or if it had to be an oriental rug, he may fly a plane to the orient, parachute out of it (with an assault rifle, as Anon. points out he's done before), releieve a rug dealer of your exact rug, and then charter a boat back to your home town to present you with a new rug.

There's nothing that dog can't do. Except type 70 words a minute.