Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This week, Wednesday is on a Thursday

Well, according to the calendar, today is in fact a Wednesday, but the most important element of any Wednesday—new comic books—are missing, and won't show up on comic shop shelves until tomorrow (Stupid Monday holidays).

Normally, today's the day when I'd post reviews of pretty much everything I bought and read that day, but since I didn't buy or read any comic books today, well, Weekly Haul is postponed until Thursday evening this week.

To mark a Wednesday without comic books then, here's a post that has pretty much nothing at all to do with comic books (although drawing is involved).

Here then are several more animated music videos I really like, to songs that have spent a significant portion of time stuck in my head...

Rilo Kiley; "It's a Hit"

This isn't my favorite Rilo Kiley song, not even from that album (this is), but it's probably my second favorite one. And it has an animated video. A great animated video. I teared up a little the first time I saw the way the Unipines' relatioship ended.

The Shins; "So Says I"

Not my favorite Shins song, but certainly my favorite Shins video. I generally prefer traditional 2D animation to computer generated 3D stuff, but given the relative hotness of computer animated penguins in the cinema of late, this works quite well, I think.

Stolen Minks; "Stop Talking" and "Boys on the Floor"

These videos are probably the most comic book-y, on account of some of the special guest-stars that appear in them, and that one of the stars is the animated avatar of comics blogger Rachelle Goguen.

I was originally just going to post the best of the two vdieos, but I honestly couldn't choose betwen the two, as they're both full on awesome, each ending with one of the two best ways to end any film: the explosion of the entire Earth, and the freeze frame on jumping characters (It's true! Trust me, I'm a film critic).

Learn more about the Minks at their super-cute website, and check out their myspace page, where you can listen to "Batman You're The Sex."

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Patrick C said...

No "Take on Me" by Aha??? I realize it's not entirely animated so maybe that disqualifies it, but thats one of the greatest videos ever!