Sunday, September 16, 2007

Overheard in The Hall of Justice

Source material: Justice League of America Wedding Special #1, written by Dwayne McDuffie, drawn by Mike McKone and Andy Lanning, and expertly lettered by Rob Leigh; copyright DC Comics.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha hilarious and awesome! The Red Bee's appearance was my favourite part.

J Ray said...

genius. pure genius. i especially liked the beast boy comment to j'onn.

David page said...

I love it when you do stuff like this

SallyP said...

This was utterly magnificent. And hilarious. Seriously, this was the only thing that I found a bit lacking in the original, and that was some dialogue for all the party guests.

Now you've supplied that, and I can die happy.

Lois Lane said...


Anonymous said...

that was pretty good.

arch 14

Captain Infinity said...

Thank you, sir. That was much enjoyed.

Patrick C said...

I was re-reading some old Morrison JLA issues, and I caught a reference to the Red Bee during his World War III arc. Plastic Man mentioned once sharing a cell with 'the late' Red Bee. Apparently your boy is no longer with us, unless of course S-Prime punched him back to life.

Also, looking at the DC solicitations, seems a female Red Bee may be joining the DCU soon.

Caleb said...


Yeah! Plas cited him in his takedown of Queen Bee! believe it was something along the lines of him knowing a guy who used to talk about bees the way some guys talked about their mothers...?

And yeah, I know Red Bee's dead in the DCU. He was in, like, the best Starman issue of 'em all, wherein Starman has dinner with Zatara, Red Bee and some other dead Golden Agers (I'm not sure what issue, as I read it in trade, but it's by far the best Red Bee story ever told).

I think he died pre-Crisis, in one of the All-Star Squadron issue's I've never been able to find, and he was still dead post-Crisis, but the cirumstances are now unrevealed.

From my imaginary conversations with Red Bee, he's implied that he can come back to life at any minute, because Kid Eternity totally owes him a resurrection—Kid E. took over the lead feature in Hit after Red Bee, and according to Red Bee, he gave it to him.

(Yes, I've thought way too much about the Red Bee these last few months).

Patrick C said...

I feel so out of the loop not having read any of the Starman run. I broke out the long boxes and the only issues I have are #50 (which I have no idea why I bought, I must have liked the shiny cover at the time), and the 1000000 crossover. My LCS is always sold out of the first trade, I'll just have to give in and buy it on amazon.

Plas also said in that story that bees can't see the color red. Does that make the name "Red Bee" ironic? I'm not sure the correct term, but I guess he knew his stuff. And based on Amazons Attack, Batman must be deathly afraid of Bees, making the Red Bee his worst nightmare.

Bees. My God.

Unknown said...

that was some good giddy fun Caleb. Good catch on all of those flubs - maybe you should look into being the JLA editor. I mean, did anyone actually edit this issue? Who issued McKone his character references - not only is Black Condor wandering around, but I see Tempest back in his old costume in the same scene. And who the heck is the young guy with the "Sins of Youth" bubble supposed to be? Zatara? Jack Knight?

I want so much for the McDuffie run to succeed, and DC manages to stumble out of the gates yet again.

Caleb said...


Don't die yet! You've so much to live for!


Well, I didn't catch everything...I didn't even notice the "Diana Lance" heading until it was pointed out to me, but it does seem like McKone was just given a script that said "Draw a bunch of superheroes" and he went from memory.

I was gonna mention Tempest's look and how he'd dyed his hair back to black, but there was no room in the panel left. (And who is that guy he's talking to? The guy in a green windbreaker with, like, a lunchbox?).

I think the kid I put the "Sins of Youth" line next to is supposed to be Jack Knight, although for some reason he looks to be twelve or so...maybe Jack's baby hyper-aged and inherited a spare cosmic rod?