Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day Special: I love Cub

“My Chinchilla,” from 1993 album Betti-Cola. This is by far my favorite love song of all time.

“New York City,” from 1995’s Come Out Come Out. Another great love song. (And yes, They Might Be Giants did cover it.)

“My Flaming Red Bobsled,” also from Come Out Come Out

“Freaky,” from 1996’s Box of Hair.

What does now-broken-up Vancouver-based band Cub have to do with comics exactly, aside from some of the imagery in the above “Flaming Red Bobsled” video?

Well, here’s the cover of their debut album Betti-Cola, from Canada’s Mint Records:

Hey, is that…

Yes. Yes it is.


Anonymous said...

I love Cub! I saw the years ago with the Muffs, I love the backing vocals she does on some of the Queers albums.

Baal said...

I'm gonna have to suggest you try out Eaten By The Monster Of Love by Sparks or San Berdu by the Vandals. The former isn't really a love song but the latter is the single most romantic punk song ever.

Anonymous said...

Cub were great. A million years ago they played an alternative comic book convention here in Vancouver at the Scratch Gallery. A great night.

Ian Boothby

Wendy said...

I didn't realize that anyone still remembered My Chinchilla, let alone shared my love for it!!!!