Friday, May 30, 2008


Have you seen these things yet? They look awesome. Here’s a picture comparing it to both a human and a giraffe in terms of size. I hope the next big Hollywood movie to prominently feature dinosaurs includes some of these crazy looking things.

—You can see some photos form that Paul Pope talk I covered last week by clicking here

—Earlier in the week, Dirk Deppey posted this link to a Marvel Bunny story in which the rabbit version of Captain Marvel beats up some wild animals, makes them cry and then threatens to kill them. If you’ve never experienced the beauty of Captain Marvel Bunny, often known as Hoppy, give it a read. I love that rabbit. If I could write any one comic book for DC, it would be a Legion of Super-Pets miniseries, prominently featuring the Little Red Cheese.

This sounds like the best value in the history of comics, but I’m torn—should I wait for a possible completely complete version?

—DC released the first trade collection of Countdown this week. I was really excited about the 52 trades, despite having already read the singles, because they promised “behind the scenes” info after each chapter, and I was really curious about the process in that book. As I wondered aloud in my discussion of those bonus features, I was curious if DC would have as many—or any—positive blurbs from mainstream media to plaster the Countdown trades with, the way they did the 52 trades.

Well, they didn’t. The first trade was blurb-free. I flipped through to see if they had a little essay from a creator after each issue or not, and they did not; the space where such a thing would have fit was filled by an entire page devoted to a cover credit.

So, did no one involved with Countdown want to talk about the process once it was over?

Funnybook Babylon predicts a Dr. Doom-calling-Ms. Marvel-a-fat-piece-of-furniture level of outrage over Fallen Darkseid referring to a woman as a “whore” in this week’s issue of Teen Titans.

I guess we’ll know soon enough (Nothing at WFA at the moment). I don’t know; I think Dr. Doom’s voice is a lot more distinct than Darkseid’s, since the former has been around longer, had a lot more appearances and been in more media adaptations. Based on that single panel, “woman” sounds more Darkseid-y to me than “whore.”

It is kinda weird to see that pop up in Teen Titans, though. I don’t find words like “whore” or “bitch” offensive when used in their proper context (and an asshole bad guy being an asshole seems like the proper context), but it does seem kinda inappropriate for one the big companies’ “universe” titles.

DC has taken an odd tack with their Titans franchise of late, with one version aimed at the youngest readers, Teen Titans Go! and Teen Titans: Year One being all-ages books, Teen Titans for grown-ups and Titans for immature grown-ups with, I don't know, no taste. While I know kids wandering into comics shops to start reading comics all of a sudden is only slightly more common than unicorns wandering into Best Buy to adorn their horns with DVDs, is a novice going to accidentally get a comic where Raven wears this? Because that seems like a bad idea.

I would expect (or maybe I should say “hope”) that Teen Titans would always be all-ages. Particularly with Blue Beetle on the team, since his solo book seems to be finding an audience outside the direct market and with libraries.

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