Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another thing I liked about Highschool of the Dead Vol. 2?

That's the volume where Bad-Ass Manga Snoopy shows up. Check it out:

In the third volume, the above dog gets the name Zeke, which makes it slightly more difficult for me to pretend that after Schulz's death, Snoopy decided to move to Japan and start a new career in manga.

More difficult, but not impossible.


Aki Alaraatikka said...

Obviously, it`s still Snoopy. After all, this Manga-series protagonists had no idea what he used to be called. So they came up with a different name.

David said...

Which is the volume where a roman a clef of the writer/author of Hellsing shows up? I seem to remember that occuring.

Caleb said...

I don't know, and probably wouldn't have noticed if it already happened (I just finished volume 4 tonight), as I don't know what anything about the person who does/did Hellsing.