Sunday, August 03, 2008

This week is Bat-Pope week

You know who just doesn't get talked about very much these days? Batman. I mean, I only spent two-thirds of the weekend talking about Batman-related stuff on my blog, and if you read things other than my blog, you'll notice that while just about every media venue in the world has at least one Batman article in it this week, there are still some articles in them that aren't about Batman at all.

So, to help rectify that, I'm gong to spend the next seven days straight here at EDILW talking Batman. Well, Batman and one the more unique and compelling of the fifteen million artists to have drawn him over the last 70 years, Mr. Paul Pope.

So mark your mental calendars, because this week is Bat-Pope Week.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Bat-Pope Week? What about the Justice League Ice Cream Social? Isn't that still going on? Because I'm pretty sure I haven't seen terrible drawings of Maya or Tasmanian Devil eating ice cream cones yet."

To that I say, "You're right. The Justice League Ice Cream Social is not over just yet. I've still, two, three, four, five...eleven more to go. (Jesus.) I haven't posted any for the last two days due to circumstances beyond my control (being unable to use the scanner I use during times that I have access to it) and one circumstance within my control (being too lazy to study Manitou Raven's costume design on a weekend)."

To which you'd probably reply, "But can you do a theme week during a theme month? Isn't that against the rules of comics blogging?"

To which I say, "Can I? Who's gonna stop me? You?"

To which you'd probably say, "I'm just asking; why are you being so defensive?"

To which I say, "Why are you always trying to second guess me? Why can't you just be supportive?"

At which point you would probably realize this could go on forever, me transciribing our imaginary conversation, and you wisely quit talking to me. In my mind.

Anyway, you can look forward to seven posts about Paul Pope's various Batman works this week, plus seven/elevenths of the remaining Justice League Ice Cream Social, plus maybe some other stuff too, and the regular super-reviews on Wednesday night.

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