Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Week in Wolvie

I can't decide which is my favorite Wolverine panel of the week.

This image from She-Hulk #16 by Rick Burchett and Cliff Rathburn, which depicts Wolvie and She-Hulk getting ready to hit Wendigo with a very special "fastball special" (Nevermind the bit about butt-touching, I just love the site of Wolverine curling up into a perfectly balanced little ball like that)...

...or this image from Marvel Adventures Avengers #10 by Juan Santacruz and Raul Fernandez, which shows Wolverine indulging in some of Jarvis' tea.

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Unknown said...

Rochester was mentioned in a comic? Really? ...why? I don't read Marvel, but I'm dead curious about how Rochester came up and if they did anything else with it. :D

-Rochester, NY native