Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Wonder Woman/Black Canary Milkshake Contest: The Results

Well, EDILW’s very first contest didn’t get much in the way of entries, although it ended up being reported far and wide in the comic book blogosphere. Which just goes to show that we all pretty much link to one another all the time. That’s either very exciting or very depressing; I’m not entirely sure which.

At any rate, reader Eric sent in some recipes for other comic book characters:

Tony Stark Milkshake
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 a bottle of rum

Spider Jerusalem Milkshake
3 scoops strawberry ice cream
1 cup 2-percent milk
loads and loads of pills
(ice cream and milk optional)

I think it’s safe to say that if Eric were running the concession stand at the superhero theme park that Agents Prince and Tresser visited in Wonder Woman #6, it would likely be a much more fun place to visit.

In the comments thread, David Oakes suggested a whistle on the straw, and rightly pointed out that in a kiosk like that, chances are the shakes are just names assigned to whatever comes out of the machine.

Newsarama’s Blog@ thread saw posters suggest a whistle straw for the Canary shake (Josh) and a glass wrapped in a fishnet stocking (Juan Arteaga) for the same.

The Comicsworthreading.com thread saw the most response. Matthew Craig suggested simply milk and honey, Hal Shipman rightly pointed out that my original sample recipe for a WW milkshake would look ugly as hell once actually blended, James Schee wanted a WW shake to contain ground kanga, Evan Waters thinks WW’s shake should be strawberry banana and Canary’s blueberry, and Lyle Masaki busted out the recipe I’d be most likely to try:

"One recipe I could see working at a amusement park kiosk would have softened French vanilla ice cream (yellow) with a big ladleful of strawberry and blueberry sauce. Give it one quick stir and you have something that’s simple to make, easy to equip and yet has enough of a wow factor to make it feel like something special.

“As for black sweets, purple is often considered “close enough” to black, especially when concentrated… so maybe a Black Canary shake could similarly use french vanilla ice cream with grape soda concentrate. (Which sounds kinda gross, but the kind of thing kids would go for.)”

Thanks to everyone who entered (um, just Eric), linked, posted on the link threads, and/or spent time thinking about milkshakes inspired by DC’s heroines.

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