Saturday, July 05, 2008



That guy was apparently born pissed off at the surface world.

Look into his eyes, and know fear:

This great panel is the greatest panel in Avengers/Invaders #3, drawn by Steve Sadowski, and conceived by Alex Ross and Jim Krueger. In fact, it may be the greatest panel of anything ever.


Kevin Church said...

"Surface world, I am here to f*ck >clap< you up."

SallyP said...

That is one incredibly cranky-looking baby. Probably chafed, I don't imagine that baby powder works too well underwater.

Riddering said...

There's a reason Dr. Doom always looks to Namor when he needs an associate for his nefarious plans against the Fantastic Four. The guy may spontaneously decide to exude nobility half the time and spend the other half protecting blondes, but by god he has a face made for villainy!

(Oh, and I agree totally that the panel of Baby Namor is one of the greatest works of art in comic history. Or...close.)

Anonymous said...

Too bad the rest of the comic wasn't as awesome.

I feel depressed that Brian Bendis didn't feel the need to tell Krueger and Ross about Spider-Woman.

Unknown said...

And this is why I love Namor. Dude not only wakes up angry, turns out he was just born that way.

He looks like a pointy eared, bullet proof, superstrong baby Stewie.

Unknown said...

I disagree with the "phoning it in" tag in this case.

That panel delivers!