Thursday, July 24, 2008


has never even had ice cream. But then she only existed for about two weeks before being destroyed.


Richard said...

Well, actually she did come back once, in the Hourman series written by Tom Peyer, where she was used better than in her original appearance...

I'm such a geek.

Patrick C said...

She also had a one shot during the Girlfrenzy! fifth week event sometime in the late 90s. I know I have the issue somewhere, but have zero recollection of the plot so I don't know if she returned, or it was just some kind of flashback that took place during that issue of JLA. And it was also written by Tom Peyer!

Ah, Tomorrow Woman. Further proof that T.O. Morrow is a terrible mad scientist. He would never make it into the Evil League of Evil with his track record.

David said...

Hmm. Everything evil T.O. Morrow creates turns good, and everything good Hank Pym creates turns evil.

Maybe they're connected?

Shep said...

You know what I would love to see? Avengers Ice Cream Social.

Gavin said...

And yet, she's got her own action figure, and a fan following. And people recognize her (or at least many of us do) even though she was only in the JLA for "about two weeks". All in all, she's not doing terribly bad for herself (besides the fact that she's dead and all).

Caleb said...


Yes, and that story was fantastic. As was pretty much that whole series.


Actually, that special was set during JLA #5, which I remember because there was a little editorial box pointing out how weird that was to set a comic book during another one. (Come to think of that, it's really all I remember about the issue).

You know what I would love to see? Avengers Ice Cream Social.

Maybe next year, though I won't even try to do every Avenger ever, as I'm not as familiar with Marvel's super-team.