Sunday, November 02, 2008

A black mark against Barack Obama

Senator Barack Obama was in my home town of Columbus, Ohio again today, and this time his visit fell on a day I happened to have off, so I figured I would take the opportunity to see him speak in person.

Me and about 60,000 other people.

The appearance was set to take place at the Ohio Statehouse, in downtown Columbus, and the crowd was among the biggest I've ever seen least one that didn't involve an Ohio State University football game. A gigantic, Byzantine line of supporters snaked in bizarre configurations in out out of blocks and alleys to the point I had no idea where it began or ended, and were it not for some friends who allowed me to cut with them, I would have never even figured out how to get in the proper line.

It was a warm, sunny day, particularly for November. The sky was blue, the sun was shining, and the temperature flirted with 60 degrees. A diverse group of people—of all ages, races, and fashion senses—were there, and everyone seemed in a good mood. I didn't even see any protesters of any kind, extremely unusual for a political event of any kind here.

A pastor gave a prayer, the pledge of alleigance was given, the mayor spoke, the governor spoke, a Democratic candidate for attorney general spoke. The national anthem was sung. Then Michelle Obama appeared from inside the Statehouse, and walked down the steps to the podium. A sea of arms shot up, as people tried to capture pictures on their cellphones and digital cameras.

She spoke for a few minutes, introducing her husband, and then he appeared in the door, leading a daughter in each hand as he descended the steps, embraced his wife, and then took the podium and she and their daughters left.

Obama plunged into the latest version of his stump speech, which was recently altered to include Vice President Dick Cheney's endorsement of his rival Senator John McCain, taking some lighthearted jabs at Cheney, while admonishing the crowd with his standard, "We don't need that; we just need to vote," when the booing started at Cheney's name.

And then this man so often praised for his rhetoric and eloquence made his blunder.

Cheney's endorsement had given Obama more ammunition for the John McCain = Third Bush Term line of attack, and after mentioning the fact that McCain voted with Bush 90-percent of the time and now supported Bush's economic policies completely, Obama said, "That's not a maverick, that's a sidekick."

As the crowd chuckled, he went on, "He's like Kato to The Green Lantern."

I know, right? Can you believe Obama confused The Green Hornet with The Green Lantern?! Does America really want a president who can't tell the difference between The Green Hornet and Green Lantern?

That's not change we can believe in.


Rich said...

I'm still waiting for a presidential candidate to reference Pieface or Doiby Dickles. That might just secure my vote.

Shana Jean said...

He's also said that it was like Robin going against Batman. Which has, you know, happened. Several times.

Of course, he did say his father Jor-El sent him out in a rocket to save all mankind, which honestly, he shouldn't have admitted to because only people born in the US can become president.

And I doubt McCain or Palin know anything about comics either, so he still gets my vote!

B.G. Christensen said...

I'm glad I read this before Tueday. I'm totally switching over to the McCain/Palin ticket now.

Siskoid said...

Rich: I will be that president.

Shana: Haven't they changed the American-born clause so that Schwarzenegger can become president one day?

Or me.

Unknown said...

I can't believe anyone running for President would screw that up. I'm definitely not voting for him now.

Jason D. Jones said...

Didn't 'The Colbert Report' also point out recently that he confused 'Sanford and Son' with 'The Jeffersons' by saying "I'm comin' to join ya, Weezie!" while clutching his chest?

SallyP said...

Pish...a simple slip of the tongue. He MEANT to say Green Hornet, but probably someone in the front row was wearing a Green Lantern T-shirt, and he got distracted. It could happen to ANYONE.

Except for McCain, who wouldn't know a Green Lantern if one walked up and hit with a giant green boxing glove.

Scott said...

McCain might know who Alan Scott is, but I doubt he would recognize any Silver Age versions.

E. Peterman said...

Oh, noooooooo! Maybe he was tired? That's the only excuse.

Sea-of-Green said...

Oh, come on -- what Green Lantern WOULDN'T want Kato as a sidekick? Kato's nothing short of AWESOME. ;-) I'm sure Barack was just indulging in some wishful fanboy thinking there ...

Caleb said...

Except for McCain, who wouldn't know a Green Lantern if one walked up and hit with a giant green boxing glove.

To be fair, there wasn't yet a GL Corps when McCain grew up. The Guardians were still using Manhunter robots to patrol the universe back then.

Ha ha, it's funny cause McCain is old.

(Okay, actually it's not funny. But he is old).

I'm sure Barack was just indulging in some wishful fanboy thinking there ...

Oh my God, what if Obama writes Green Lantern/Green Hornet fan fiction in his spare time, and that's what generated the slip? I don't know if I want a president who writes fan fiction...