Saturday, November 01, 2008

Super-dogs are super hard on cities

The second story in Age of The Sentry #2, "The Secret of Area B," featured plenty of panel time for Watchdog, the blue-caped corgi that is Krypto to The Sentry's Superman.

As I've mentioned before, I think the concept of a dog with Superman-like powers is absolutely terrifying, something made quite apparent in Mark Russell's apocryphal prose stories The Superman Stories, one of my favorite Superman stories of all.

In their Sentry story, writer Paul Tobin and artist Michael Cho manage to capture just how problematic a super-powered dog would be in a few background gags while Sentry is looking for his superhero peers, who keep mysteriously ditching him.

Here's what Watchdog's super-pee could do to a fire hydrant:

Can you imagine how many fire hydrants, mail boxes and trees he probably destrorys every single day in that fashion?

And here's what his super-jaws could do to a piece of whatever building he decides to chew on when Sentry's distracted:


Scott said...

The Mark Russel stories you link to there are not available on any more. Is it still possible tomail $4 to him personally to recieve a copy?

LurkerWithout said...

Well, at least super-dogs probably won't hunt people in secret for sport like super-cats would do...

Caleb said...


Sorry, that post I linked to is probably over two years old. Here's Russel's blog; you should be able to contact him through there to ask how to get a Superman Stories if you're interested:

Scott said...