Monday, June 01, 2009

You can only lift Mjolnir to your lips if Odin deems you worthy; otherwise, you'll have to leave it on the bar and drink it through a straw

You may recall last month I posted a flier for a local event, the Bourbon Street Comic Swap. The other day one of the organizers, who recalled a post I had done a while back about drinks that share their names with superheroes, sent me the drink menu that was used at the event, and I thought I'd share it with you guys here.

What sounds good to you?


Green Lantern...creme de menthe, Irish cream

Kryptonite...Apple Pucker, vodka, triple sec

The Flash...Red Fuel, vodka, grenadine

Alpha Flight...Canadian Club whiskey

Mjolnir...Absolut, grenadine


Dark Knight...Black Russian

Cloak & Dagger...White Russian

Tony Stark...Single Barrel Jack Daniels, rocks or straight

Red, cranberry

Fantastic Four...Long Island Iced Tea

League of Extraordinary Gentleman...gin martini

The Shadow...rum and coke

Flaming Carrot...spicy Bloody Mary

Virgin Drinks

Archie Andrews...cherry Coke

Veronica Lodge...Shirley Temple

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