Saturday, August 01, 2009

That's odd.

It doesn't look like Red Tornado's happy to see them all again.

(Panel from DC Comics' Justice League of America #35, written by Len Win, penciled by Tom Derenick and inked by one of the four different inkers to work on the book).


dylanio21 said...

To be honest, that's what I love about Red Tornado.
It made him lovable.
He is a robot who is emotion-ish at best so he says stuff like that with that kind of face.

Hdefined said...

I liked his old robot-style face better.

He's such a boring character, especially compared to other Marvel and DC robot characters. I think the best thing I've seen him do was go pig-hunting on the JLU cartoon.

Jacob T. Levy said...

Sure it does. He's NOT CRYING, which makes the panel happier than those in 80% of his post-Inf Crisis appearances.

You know, we had a 78-issue Red Tornado arc in JLA, and I read it all, and I couldn't for the life of me tell you the status of any of the traditional Red Tornado questions: what's the champion? what's the tyrant? is he still an air elemental? what happened during zero hour to make him mute, and how did he get better? etc.

For that matter, I don't remember how he went from junk-heap art in the Outback to functioning JLA member. Morrow won him on EBay and then... what? Fixed him up and sent him back out into the wild with a "now this time, try *really hard* to be evil, 'kay?"