Saturday, March 01, 2008

Norm Breyfogle Should Draw JLoA (Pt. 2)

For further evidence to support last Saturday's assertion that Norm Breyfogle should totally start drawing JLoA, please enjoy some instances of Breyfogle drawing various Justice Leaguers...

Wonder Woman, from a drawing for Wonder Woman Day (nicked from

The Elongated Man (in his best costume), from Silver Age: The Flash #1

The Flash, from JLA: Incarnations #5

The Sattelite Era Justice League, from JLA:I #5

The Watchtower Era JLA, from Anarky #1


Greg said...

Wow...I always think of him as most excellent when drawing Batman, but I don't think I'd seen any of these before...or realized that it was him.

He's more than got my vote!

Anonymous said...

I'm a BIG fan of Breyfogle's JLA, I've here some other examples of him drawing the DCU:


Tus piece was illustrated to be part of a (rejected) pitch by Steve Englehart & Norm Breyfogle
to DC, for a project featuring Englehart's COYOTE character.

Norm have told me there might be another piece from the
presentation, which he'd probably sold a while ago.

If anyone has ever bumped into the other COYOTE piece by Breyfogle,

could you please describe it to me ? or even help me locate it ?

Any info regarding that work would be welcome.

Many thanks,
Gal Schwartz