Thursday, March 19, 2009

At the risk of overstating my excitement, I think this is the very best idea anyone's ever had about anything ever.


Bob Hodges said...

Any chance we could start a pool for assignments? Here are my guesses w/ the available names.

Hawkman - Kyle Baker
Batman ? Paul Pope
Adam Strange
Metamorpho -Neil Gaiman & Mike Allred
Catwoman ? Lee Bermejo
Demon ? John Arcudi
Deadman ? Ryan Sook
Kamandi ? Dave Gibbons
Superman ? Kurt Busiek
Sgt. Rock ? Brian Azzarello & Joe Kubert
Wonder Woman ? Ben Caldwell
Green Lantern
Teen Titans ? Eddie Berganza & Dave Bullock
Supergirl ? Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner
Flash ? Karl Kerschl
Metal Men ? Walt Simonson

Dono said...

I'll take this as DC's way of apologizing for Countdown and Trinity. Apology accepted.

Unknown said...

Man, I like Trinity. This is DC's way of capitalizing on the weekly periodical thing.

Caleb said...

According to Comic Book Resources, Pope's not on Batman...I think it was Azzarello and Risso...?

Kubert's on Sgt. Rock.

I wonder if Pope might be doing Kamandi, as I remember seeing a sketch of him he posted a while back, but then, he just plain like's Kirby, so that might not mean anything.